helloandwelcomeTo my little corner of the internet!

In case you don’t know me, I’m Chris Barlow. I’m an actor, artist, designer… Jack of trades.

I have created this webpage as an informal way of sharing my work. Please do have a poke, prod and root around. There are Videos and Galleries, Voice over clips and CV.

I will be blogging in the future with information and photos from what ever projects I’ll be working on at the time.

This page is focused on my performance and acting stuff. if you would like to see my art work then please just head over to my sister site at Paper Moth!

if you’d like more information or just want to say hi, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my agent.

Enjoy enjoy and keep smiling!

Big Hugs,

Chris xx

  • “Christopher Barlow is outrageously funny as the Moroccan ruler enveloped in mint-green velvet and hedonistic sauciness.” – The Guardian on The Fair Maid of the West

  • “Christopher Barlow’s huge stature and booming voice make a comic and perfect contrast to Lizzy Dive’s abbreviated height and squeaky tones. They are particularly impressive at doing what The Twits do best, being horrible to each other” Lytham Express on The Twits

  • “All four actors are outstanding but in Chris Barlow they have one of the most charismatic performers the group [Forest Forge] has ever discovered. His amazing versatility, booming voice, exquisite diction and admirable manoeuvrability, for such a sizeable man, make him a joy to watch. He brings all these attributes to all his characters” – The Stage on Midnight is a Place

  • ‘Chris Barlow’s characterisation was superb. He is a master of good old fashioned slapstick, of emotional outbursts and situation comedy.’ – The Medway Standard on The Wind in the Willows