Week 1 over and out..

Hello, greetings and a big squeeze to you.

Well the first week of rehearsals is done and dusted. And it was exhausting.

Somehow will scarlet (anna wheatley) and I have been put into many of the dances…. Is this a good idea?! Who knows! But despite being older taller and fatter than the amazing ensemble im far too proud not to pretend its all fine and break my back trying to keep up.

….I had to literally crawl out of bed the other day…. but I aint gonna tell them that.

Not wanting to sound too gushy like a camp waterfall, but what a great team of lovely folk. Its a lovely cast and crew. Lovely management thats looking after us and its  all very fluffy and lovely. … (I know I even vomited into my own mouth then)

Despite the frantic dance rehearsals and taking a plate to the face (thankyou peter duncan). Week one was largly music and dance orientated.

And we got to do fighting with sticks and all sorts.

I think the set will look great and there are some stunning costumes in the making. Im very excited about it all.

Today was start of week two. So this is the week things start to get much tougher… so I will update with how its all going later in the week.

Over and out

Chris xx

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  1. Rachel

    Well having seen your performance several times now (I’m one of the ushers) I’m guessing you are just too knackered to write much! Love it and it grows on me each time, I’m bringing my daughter and friend to see it in Jan. Have a great Christmas!

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