Treasure Island… new years and beyond.

Hello dear peruser of these words.

well, its already January the 2nd. Its the day after the last show of Treasure Island. When a show ends there is always a bag of mixed feelings, of both relief and sadness. a joy of being able to rest and recuperate, and emptiness of the lack of routine, the loss of performing, the goodbye to the cast and creative team… and even and sometimes particularly the goodbye to a character.

Its very easy to fall in love with a character, no matter who they are, when you play them every day. losing yourself in them, their habits, their personality, their effect on others around them, its a weird feeling putting to bed a character you have lived in for a while. its also that fact that your creative process is over. you never stop developing and tweaking a character with every performance. and when the show ends, thats your creative work done. its like finishing a painting. finishing it has a moment on joy, and then sadness creeps in because the fun is in the creation… its is this sadness that prompts you to do something else, a new creation.

right now i’m saying goodbye to treasure island.

I had a great time with Simon Mccoy as livesey and spinnacker, Eva Sampson as Benjamina Gunn / Barnical / Mrs Hawkins, Micheal Diana as Tom / Redruth / Hands, Leonie Elliot as Tempest (silvers Daughter, Damian Robinson as Billy Bones / Captain Smollet / O’Brien, and Robert Southworth as Jim Hawkins. goodbye to you and your characters. goodbye to Caroline Sharman the director.

Goodbye to the band: Igor Kennaway (MD), Alonso Mendoza (composer and percussionist), Simon Lambert (Piano)

Goodbye to the cast of fantastic kids who did so brilliantly in the show.

Good bye to the amazing set by Simon Higlet. and costumes by NaomI Gibbs

Not to mension Dom and jay the stage managers, and all the office staff front of house and theatre management at the New Theatre Royal portsmouth.

Its a big time for the theatre with a go ahead with a multi million pound rebuild… watch this space… its going to be a powerhouse of the arts in the south! thank goodness!

anyway goodbye treasure island. thanks to all those who came to see it.

next on the agenda is a set of personal projects i want to finish, including my kids book I’m illustrating.

so ta ta for now… I’m off to recuperate.

have fun.

Happy new year to all… and the best of luck with the year ahead.

Chris xx

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