A bright new day!

Dear casual follower,
Last night i suggested going to the 9 am Harry Potter showing….

This was met with some interest but also concern from Colin… and a reluctant desire from Bernie (he’s a closet Harry fan).

Colin, was worried that he might be wobbly and have a seizure whilst in the cinema.

Fair enough… i thought… he’s been having a wobbly day and actually had two seizures today, so fair enough.

however, we always see the Harry Potter films together…. i know he really wants to see it. and i chose that showing because…its the first… its early in the morning… generally Colin doesn’t start feeling wobbly until the evening (as i guess the meds start wearing off) , it wasn’t busy (i had Checked) and we could all see it together as i will be working away a lot in the forthcoming weeks.

there was an understandable amount of doubt about a trip to the cinema being a good idea… so i thought… Big shame… but i understand.

Imagine the Joy then dear word reader, when this morning I received a knock on my bedroom door. it was 8.30. Bernie and Colin were up and we were going to see Harry Potter…

This was excellent news.

And well done to Bernie for his gentle pushing… and mostly well done to Colin for taking some steps forward. and getting out and about.

We went to see the film, and it all happened without incident. WOOTY TOOT TOOT

The film itself… i thought… was excellent…. really really well put together, and handled the story and its dark moments very well… also i’m so pleased they are doing ti as a double film, because even as film 1 and only half the book its still at times, felt slightly like there was too much story. But lovely work from all the actors, particularly liked Bill Nighy, and Alan Rickman did some cracking subtle acting, that should delight those who read the book.,,,

Anyway, the best thing is… Colin.

He Went, He saw, He concurred that it was a good film.

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so proud of him. After his seizures last night it was a clear, determined, and brave step to get out. and it was incident free, and i hope he reaps the benefits, not just that it was was good film, but, more i hope, its a step towards rebuilding confidence.

Chris xx

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